Being Overweight or Obese is NOT Your Fault !

Being Overweight or Obese is NOT Your Fault !

It’s NOT your Fault.

So many Theories about weight loss…..

  • Exercise to lose weight
  • shakes claiming to bring weight loss
  • Intermittent Fasting is the key?
  • Starve yourself Diet
  • Keto Diet
  • Carnivore Diet
  • Lemon Diet
  • Drink lots of water….
  • “Whatever” Diet (insert popular food/supplement)
  • Even many Drugs to force the body to lose weight

Most of them make you hungry and unsatisfied or are missing vital nutrients.

I believe the truth of the matter is that, it is not your fault for doing too little exercise, eating too much carbohydrates, drinking too many energy or soft drinks or just eating too much food or sugar enhanced foods.

Our so called ‘staple foods’ have changed over the years.

  No longer do we grow our own food like a lot of us used to before WW2.  Since the Industrial revolution the focus has been on how to supply ever larger markets with food to the public for convenience, using newer technology, for Profit.  Profit ultimately drives the processed food industry.  Let us not forget that.
  Technology brought more efficient machinery to harvest and process the crops (than doing it by hand).  Then technology supplied the knowledge of chemicals to make fertilisers and herbicides.  Then technology made it possible to make strains of crops that were resistant to those same chemicals in the fertilisers and herbicides, called Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) as the original crops had lost their biodiversity (due to additional unnatural chemicals) and were no longer thriving (obtained from growing in harmony with the bugs and bacteria). 
  At each step along the way there were consequences that maybe were unforeseen, or that were overlooked in favour of the outcome - Profit.  Too much man made fertiliser and overcropping (growing the same crop over and over on the same plot of land) causes other minerals and vitamins in the soil to be depleted and are often not replaced. Excessive cultivation of the soil disturbs the natural diversity of the soil.  The current status of the population world-wide is increasingly deplete in many vital minerals and vitamins.  Magnesium is a big one due to the fact that it is used by the body for over 600 known chemical reactions.  The Australian population are known to be some of the most magnesium depleted people of the world due to our deficient soils !   So of course that means that our body cannot function as well as it used to.

When it was discovered that sugar could be added to foods to increase the desire factor and keep the customer coming back for more, the food industry went to town, adding more and more sugar to their products. This was also the result of a turn towards Low-fat Diets as when you remove the fat from a product the taste is reduced, so they found that replacing it with sugar helped their sales as people went back for more and more…… The main problem that they failed to address is that added Sugar is actually a drug to our brains. Tests have shown that Sugar lights up our reward system in our brain in the same way that many illicit drugs do, and releases Dopamine – the feel good brain chemical. This wires the brain to wanting more and also fuels those bugs in our bodies’ intestines that thrive on sugar, creating a micro-environment that isn’t right for our bodies. These bad bacteria (microbiota) send electrical messages to the brain to seek sugar !

Stress also contributes to weight gain, as it creates inflammation, making the body hold extra water, reducing the strength of your stomach acid resulting in our body not being able to extract enough vitamins and minerals from the food we are eating.

Consequently we fail to maintain our healthy body status. Things inside start to go wrong…..

Snacking was another way to convince the unsuspecting public that they needed to have an afternoon snack to “keep your blood sugars up”. It is better to eat more protein and vegetables at your three meals to allow the stomach time fully digest the meal, then to have a rest before the next meal. So called “Healthy Snacks” high in sugar have saturated the market and are promoted as healthy by our governments. How did this happen ? Many people in government circles are not trained in nutrition and are just passing on second hand information or are not doing the necessary research from the right places before they allow changes to our food supply.

Convenience is driving our choices. Our busy lives are often blamed for the reason we can’t devote the necessary time to cook from scratch. But as society gets busier, our health is suffering. Being “too busy” is allowing the food industry to take advantage. The food industry has re-trained our collective taste buds to want more sugar, making us search out more sweet foods.

Obesity has become one of the biggest health care burdens since the World War 2, lowering life expectancy and increasing morbidity. Many chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Cancer and even some auto-immune conditions are linked to increases in sugar consumption. Many proposed interventions to solve this growing crisis have amounted to nothing.

I believe that you are NOT responsible for being overweight or obese.

Removing sugars and some starches (carbs) from your diet will reduce your appetite, lower your insulin levels and make you lose weight without hunger.

The importance of eating the right amount of protein cannot be overstated. Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan you need protein (and vegetables) to boost your metabolism.

To get optimal results on a low-carb diet, just cutting back on carbs isn't enough. There are other aspects of the diet that are also important.
 Each person is an Individual with different obvious characteristics, such as different fingerprints, different mental ability, different language, different physical ability, different looks, different skin colour, different facial features, different beliefs and different skills in art and spiritual beliefs.  

No two people are the same.

So it follows that each person’s physical body is just as individual as a snowflake (no two snowflakes are the same).

So why do some medical or even scientifically trained people think that one type of diet or one type of exercise routine can be good for many people ?

This is where METABOLIC BALANCE Wellness and Weight Loss Program shines !!!!

METABOLIC BALANCE is a fantastic tool that you can use that utilises your own blood markers to help your body find it’s natural weight set point (the perfect weight that your body likes to operate at its best). Your nutrition program is tailored to you ! I can say it’s such a great program because I am living proof that it works, losing nearly 17 kg over 5 mths ! So I’m speaking from experience ! The first step is a blood test including 35 parameters (results) that are part of the whole look at your individual body and how it is currently operating. The Metabolic Balance Program then uses these results to readjust your metabolism over a minimum of three months using your body’s own hormones, facilitated (made possible) by eating the correct type of combinations of foods (Protein, Vegetables, Carbohydrates and Fruits) in the correct amounts so as to allow your body to release excess water (initially) and then excess fat, safely over time (minimum three months). You are fully supported along the way by your Metabolic Balance Coach (Susan) during 7 consultations.

Learn more by contacting me today and start your exciting journey using a highly successful german program that has been operating throughout Europe for the last 20 years and has only recently become available here in Australia !

You can Book In via link at the top of this site. Or Call me on my mobile (in Australia) on 0419550700

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 Talk to you Soon ! 

“Discover the First Day of the rest of Your Life” Susan Jones

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