What to feed your dog.

What to feed your dog.

Protein for your Dog. I’m no expert when it comes to pets, but as a Nutritionist, I had occasion recently to investigate how I could feed my new puppies a healthy diet. He! He! Yes, I got some covid puppies! I love them so much!! I am all about finding the right foods for myself, […]

Talking about Oils for cooking, Weight Gain and Alzheimer’s.

Talking about Oils for cooking, Weight Gain and Alzheimer's.

Processed Food and Takeaway Food (fast food) has a devastating effect on our Brain (as well as other parts of our Bodies). Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease !  The Hippocampus regulates motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. Damage to our brain, specifically the Hippocampus, occurs over many years.  One of the contributors to this damage is inflammatory oils […]

Welcome to The way to health

welcome to the way to health

Welcome to my little space on the Internet. This blog is basically an introduction to The Way To Health and how it came about (my life story in brief). I will also explain what you might expect from me in the future. I hope to encourage, educate, inspire, and motivate you to learn, firstly that […]