Why see a Nutritionist ?

We focus on improving your health and disease prevention. We look at the underlying causes of a condition and utilise the bodies natural healing ability to help improve or maintain the state of your health. Nutrition and health are inextricably linked. We can work alongside your doctor or specialist, taking into account the medications you might be on, to safely integrate evidence based natural medicine with western medicine.

A Nutritionist will take the time (60 minutes to 90 minutes initially) to put together a picture of your personal journey to the present day including health history, lifestyle, overseas travel, environment (past and present), medications, blood tests, supplements, infections, chronic conditions, current food intake (including types of diets) food likes and dislikes, exercise, stress level, career level, emotional triggers, mental health history and coping strategies.

After taking into account all of these parts of your life story, we create a special personalised holistic diet and lifestyle plan that is tailored especially to you and your body to allow you to be as healthy as you can be. Sometimes we prescribe some good quality practitioner supplements to help your body to adjust to the changes or support your hormones and neurotransmitters.

Your plate should be full of colourful foods !

Your plate should be full of colourful foods !

Why did I become a Nutritionist ?

I have always had an interest in eating to be healthy. My son developed diabetes at age four years, so I had to quickly learn how to manage his condition with insulin injections and food (specifically carbohydrates). Both his grandmothers were also diabetic (one type 1 and the other type 2).

An interest in sourcing organically grown foods, especially growing my own started with my father. I don’t think I have a green thumb like my dad but he sure taught me a lot. I currently grow vegetables and herbs for me and my husband.

After finding myself out of a job in 2016 as a Jeweller and finding the 2nd job I had at the time wasn’t something I loved, I called it quits ! With all my children now having moved out of home, I found myself at home the majority of the time by myself. So what do I do now? Job prospects for a person 55 years old is pretty slim.

Researching with Google’s help was frustrating as there is so much conflicting information - I found myself looking for tips for relatives and friends conditions, to try to help them as well as how to be healthy as I grew older. One of my children had several strange symptoms that the doctors dismissed as a mental health problem. I knew my child wasn’t mentally ill and we both didn’t want to go down the drug pathway. Putting the puzzle together led me to want to study health in depth from an alternative viewpoint. Then I saw an ad for an advanced Diploma of Nutrition that had government fee help. Well that was it ! I still can’t believe I have finished it after four years at age 58 years (2018) !

Why am I a Mobile Nutritionist ?

I have a longing to help people like myself to have a better quality of life. Many people expect to lose their health slowly as they age. But I’m here to say that may not have to be your story. I will commit to helping you find your Best You !

I understand from 20 years of meeting clients in their homes, as an interviewer in the market research, that there are many people who need help, who are not as mobile due to injury or chronic conditions. Mental health (anxiety) may also interfere with allowing a person to get out the door. I offer an easier way for them to see a health professional in the comfort of their own home, also saving them time and effort. I have seen the inside of many homes over the years and do not judge on the condition of your home, so rest assured that I come in peace. My home isn’t perfectly maintained. A home should be a place where you feel comfortable. There are many reasons that could cause a person to not be able to clean and tidy. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed. I know that there have been many times I was embarrassed to have visitors enter my home. So I encourage you to have a little courage and take a step in the right direction to improve your health.

What happens in a Consultation ?

As mentioned above a Nutrition consultation is approximately 90 minutes long. It is important to understand the influences on your diet and mental health, as well as your major body systems, so that I can assess how you arrived in your current state. During the consultation I will ask about your life and the environmental and emotional influences on you (even during your childhood). A complete personal health history, as well as conditions you or your family members may have. I will ask specifically what made you seek the advice of a Nutritionist (the reason why you came to see me) and what are the symptoms and when did they start and the degree of pain or how long have you been getting these symptoms. There may be things that you haven’t connected to the symptoms that could be a cause. It is quite involved. It is very helpful to have any blood test results ready before we begin and medications, supplements, as there may be something I want to recommend that might be a contraindication (not compatible), so I need to check on this.

Know that your personal information is securely held and will not be discussed with any other person without you’re expressed consent. After the consultation I will research further and await the results of any testing that might have been recommended.

At the follow up consultation I present your plan and explain what I found and why I recommend certain changes to diet or lifestyle. I may recommend some supplementation of certain nutrients to facilitate your speedy journey back to health. I also can answer any questions you might have. We work together to figure out a achievable plan for you.

Are Nutritionists qualified health professionals ?

In Australia, we have an unregulated profession, which allows anyone to call themselves a nutritionist. So I encourage you to dig a little deeper and find out if the person you want to see is officially qualified to give nutrition advice to the public. Ask them if they are a member of the industry associations, where you can look up the individual’s name and check for yourself.

My qualifications.

My qualification is an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, completed at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Pyrmont, Sydney. I have done over 200 hours of clinic, seeing clients in the ACNT clinic, while being fully supervised by a very experienced Lecturer/Naturopath/Nutritionist. I am registered with ANTA (Australasian Natural Therapists Association) and the CMA (Complementary Medicines Australia).

These associations ensure their members complete professional research every year (CPE points) to keep their members up to date with current practices. I must also have a current First Aid Certificate.

I also have a Childrens Check certificate. And a police certificate.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to email me at susan@thewaytohealth.com.au with any other questions that you might have.

Please understand that I will not give out any information regarding your particular treatment plan relating to yourself, until after the first consultation during which I collect all the personal information about your condition, symptoms and health history and have spent a further few days researching the links as outlined above.

Please see my privacy policy below.