Welcome to The way to health

welcome to the way to health

Welcome to my little space on the Internet.

This blog is basically an introduction to The Way To Health and how it came about (my life story in brief). I will also explain what you might expect from me in the future.

I hope to encourage, educate, inspire, and motivate you to learn, firstly that you can be in complete control of your body and take charge of your health and secondly that it is possible to improve your state of health no matter what stage of life !

The Way To Health was born during my studies in Nutrition. Study was not something I usually grapple with voluntarily but I was searching for specific information. I started studying late in life because I wanted to help my three children whose health had some challenges as toddlers and teenagers. I found that there were health issues in my children and myself, (and later my husband), that I did not have satisfactory solutions for, even after seeing many doctors and specialists. I have always been aware that the food you eat has a direct impact on the state of your health. So it seemed like a natural progression to study Nutrition.

I am wishing that I had studied it earlier, but got side tracked by the desire to create beautiful material things with a career as a Jeweller. Later in my life, I felt disillusioned with the whole process of making jewellery as to me, it did not have a meaningful end. I still enjoy making Jewellery but think it should be as a hobby.

My other career was as an Interviewer for Roy Morgan Research, which involved cold calling at people’s homes to obtain their opinions on current and relevant community issues, political views and certain products and collect statistics to help guide our Australian Government policies and our countries needs. While I found this Interviewer career challenging and developed my skills to the point when I was bestowed with the award for Interviewer of the Year, I was not in my happy place. One of the reasons I started the Interviewing job was financial and was a job I could do on the weekends when my husband was home. In retrospect I believe this caused some problems with the inter-relationships in my family, so I wouldn’t recommend this way to generate more income for the family.

My son was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 when he was 4 years old and forced me to learn a lot about the whys and hows of nutrition for a small child and how our body works when food is the input (i.e. insulin). A few years later we were blessed to have the internet as a tool to find information. But I would question where this information came from, and did not truly learn the skills to finding credible sources of nutritional information until I started studying Nutrition.

My eldest daughter had constant mucus as a toddler, which required several stays in hospital to have grommets inserted in her ear drums. Poor thing. It was suggested that she give up eating dairy which did help somewhat.

My third daughter also had several health problems which were so complex that I cannot go into them all. Suffice to say that she had many unexplained symptoms which caused us to spend many hundreds of dollars and lots of time seeing doctors and specialists. I was grateful when they would proclaim her healthy but knew there was much more to it than that.

Don’t get me wrong I think the medical doctors and specialists are great for specific ailments that they are trained in, but remember that they do not study Nutrition and are told that Food has very little to do with Health problems. An Integrative doctor may have completed further study on Nutrition (it is best to ask). There are many studies now that show how food affects our body systems.

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