Nutrition Consultation

90-minute Initial Nutrition consultation

A brief yet thorough 90-minute Initial nutrition consultation is where we will go over your health concerns, review factors that contribute to these concerns.

Bonus! I may have some advice straight away of things you can do, such as changing what you eat, reducing stress or ask you to have some testing done to help give a clearer picture.


Fill Out The Pre-Consultation Form.

Prior to your first consultation, I will email you a link to a secure online form to fill out with your general health information and goals. This form will need to be submitted at least three days prior your appointment.

This will help streamline the first consultation and will give us more time to discuss your goals and expectations and answer any questions.


Attend The 90-minute Initial Consultation.

During your first consultation in the comfort and convenience of your home (online or in person). We will talk about your health goals, health history, blood tests, medications, supplements, family’s health history, lifestyle, diet, stress levels, past trauma/events, and the reason why you made the decision to seek help to improve your health.


14th Day Follow Up Consultation.

Two weeks later, We will check in on your progress thru a follow-up consultation. We will touch base on how you have been going following the initial plan we’ve set 2weeks prior.

We will also be looking at your test results, and work together to create a simple and do-able plan that targets your concerns and supports your overall health and future.

Ready To Get Started?

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We are an accredited practitioner of Metabolic Balance®. An Award Winning, International, Fully Supported Wellness and Weight Loss Program based on intensive and individual care and nutrition plan. 

With me you will discover that Weight Loss & Good Health is actually way easier than you think!


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