Chelsea Jean Dual-Action Lymphatic Massage Gloves


Self Massage Dual-Action Lymphatic Gloves. Helps move your 15 litres of Lymph around your body. Reduces Inflammation and promotes Detoxification.

Your Lymphatic fluid should move around your body to help carry waste and toxins to your liver and kidneys to be processed.  If you aren’t moving your body due to illness or disability or you have a desk job or are unable to exercise, then self-massage gloves are the perfect solution for you.

These gloves are easy to use, gently spiky on one side for stimulation and with Magnetic Balls for rejuvenation on the other side.  Always brush towards your heart.  Best matched with the 250ml LymFATic Cream.  The gloves physically move your Lymph on the outside while the cream absorbs and goes to work on the inside! Results in lovely smooth skin and a healthier body.