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Digest Tea and Drops Collection for Optimal Digestion


Digest Tea and Digest Drops are perfect for those times when you have digestive discomfort after eating, or during pregnancy.  They provide additional support for your Digestive System.

Sipping Digest Tea throughout the day can provide relief from bloating and pain.

These handmade Digest Drops may be helpful in times of bloating, colic, reflux, nausea, and indigestion.  15 minutes before a meal, take a few Digest Drops under your tongue or in a small glass of water.

The special herbs and spices include Ginger, Peppermint, Gentian, Ethanol, Blue Lace Agate.



Make sure you are relaxed and sitting down for your meal.  Try not to eat in a hurry.

Food well chewed is beneficial for creating an easier job for your digestion downstream (in your tummy).  The process of digesting food starts in your mouth.

Did you know that some enzymes that break down your food are released in your mouth?

Please listen to your body’s signals so you don’t overeat – eat slowly and savour the taste and really experience the texture of your food.  Overeating can also cause bloating and pain.