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Dreamy Tea and Dreamy Drops Collection


Dreamy Tea & Dreamy Drops

Extra support for a Dreamy night’s sleep.

Make a cup of Dreamy Tea to wind down after Dinner.

A few drops of Dreamy Drops every half hour, will help you feel relaxed.

As the sun goes down, we have dinner and start to prepare for Sleep. Sometimes sleep eludes us due to stress or environmental influences.

Sleep Hygiene can make a difference in how ready we are to actually go to sleep (see below for a few tips).

Herbal medicine is known for substances that can induce sleep.

Dreamy Tea and Dreamy Drops are an ingested herbal creation that calms our mind and body.  As a pleasant tasting Tea, they are relaxing and used after dinner to support calmness and sleepiness.

The microbes in our tummy are able to send calming messages via our Vagus nerve into our brain to induce the right neurotransmitters for sleep.

Great for insomniacs or those whose sleep is compromised such as shift workers or newborn mothers.

Sleep Hygiene Tips

Make sure the room is cool – your body will fall asleep more quickly as during the initial stages your body temperature falls.  The use of electric blankets may stop you from falling asleep quickly.

Clean Sheets – goes without saying. 🙂

Listen to a restful meditation (via an App or on YouTube)

A consistent sleep schedule.

A relaxing bedtime routine. Promotes a better sleep/wake cycle.

Dim the lights after dark. Dim your screens on your devices.

Limit time before bed on your screen devices (stop two hours before bedtime).

Eat dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime (bed on an empty tummy promotes sleep + weight loss).

Snacking after dinner is not recommended (increase dinner instead – plenty of healthy fats/lots of protein and veg).