Talking about Oils for cooking, Weight Gain and Alzheimer’s.

Talking about Oils for cooking, Weight Gain and Alzheimer's.

Processed Food and Takeaway Food (fast food) has a devastating effect on our Brain (as well as other parts of our Bodies).

Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease ! 

The Hippocampus regulates motivation, emotion, learning, and memory. Damage to our brain, specifically the Hippocampus, occurs over many years.  One of the contributors to this damage is inflammatory oils used in the Fast Food and Restaurant industries as well as the increased use of pesticides and herbicides when growing our food.

You must not blame yourself for wanting more fast food. They were designed that way to increase your gut hormone, Ghrelin.

The chemical reaction that occurs in your brain after eating a Takeaway meal (Western Style diet –high carbohydrate and high fat) causes you to want more of that same food.

The longer you eat a ‘Western Style Diet’ of frequent Fast Food and Takeaway, the less your brain will be able to function due to inflammation, hormonal disruption, brain cell damage, and increasing weight.

Your Brain is affected by even just one meal containing Fast Food.  Your appetite control can be temporarily lost each time you eat Fast Food which can play a part in unexplained weight gain or eating disorders.   The Take-A-Way food industry uses of cheap cooking fats.  The goal of selling this type of quick food is to make a profit, leading the business to use the most economical sources of oil to cook in, such as commercially produced Vegetable Oil or Canola Oil.  These oils are very unstable when heated becoming oxidised at high temperatures, causing any nutrients to be destroyed.  These oxidised oils are very inflammatory in the human body and must be detoxed from your body. Unfortunately, the healthy options, such as coconut oil or olive oil, are more expensive and add coconut taste or slower cooking respectively, which are inconvenient when wanting to make money in Fast Food.   Is your liver up to doing the job of detoxifying from these poisonous oils ? 

The presence of plant polyphenolic compounds in the seeds of the plant used to extract these oils, act as a repellent to animals (unsavoury taste) in order to help protect the plant, but in humans these substances are inflammatory and creates havoc in our body.  In order for humans to be able to eat these compounds in the plant, we must make the polyphenolic part harmless so it doesn’t damage our body, such as through soaking or heating, but often not enough of the substance is removed or the person is particularly sensitive to it.  Cotton Seed or cotton seed oil is not a natural food for humans and the body does not recognise it as a food.  In the production of Cotton Seed oil a polyphenolic substance called Gossypol requires many stages of processing to remove.  Cotton Seeds are a by-product of the Cotton Farming Industry, meaning the industry purposefully looked for a way to be able to sell the seeds, to make more money, instead of throwing them away……

It is not the Fast Food business owner’s fault that they are using inflammatory oils as they likely don’t realise the implications – I am not pointing a finger – as they most likely do not understand how damaging these industrial oils can be for the human body.  Similarly the end customer does not realise the damage that these types of oils can do to their body or even that the food is cooked in a substance that damages the body.

The Hippocampus is responsible for our memory and for releasing the vital hormone Cortisol.  Too little Cortisol can result in fatigue or sleepiness at the wrong time of day, reducing the repair stages of sleep at night.   Your body must do this repair every night, especially in the brain or many functions become impaired.  Too much Cortisol is also inflammatory, as it can damage the Hippocampus and cause difficulty creating memories and difficulty recalling memories such as in Alzheimer’s. The nutrients required to help your brain function correctly, are destroyed by the high heat cooking.  It is vital to feed yourself nutrient dense foods including protein, fats and plenty of colourful vegetables (and a little fruit).

Many clients complain of “Foggy Brain” especially after a night out. The combination of Fast Food and Alcohol has an even greater effect, doubling the amount of detoxing that the body must do to get rid of these non-nutritional substances (that do not benefit the body – aka poisons) as well as repairing the damage that is done, by these substances to your organs, body cells and tissues.

The Hippocampus normally reduces the urge to eat, by suppressing thoughts of wanting to eat more food after a takeaway meal.  Continually eating fast food releases more of the hormone Ghrelin to stimulate our appetite…..

Continually eating the Western Style Diet will also effect your memory and ability to learn.  Your Hippocampus also regulates the amount of an important hormone called Cortisol that helps regulate sleep/wake cycle.  If your Hippocampus isn’t functioning well it can lead to Alzheimer’s as the organ shrinks over a long period of time.

A recent study (19th Feb, 2020 showed that healthy lean adults fed a Fast Food Diet for just a week, experienced reduced ability to control what they ate as well as reduced learning capability.

Feeding your body the right nutrients can help reverse the effects of Hippocampal decline, if caught early enough.

Have you noticed your memory or learning are impaired ?

Do you need any more reasons to seek preventative medicine and eat the right food ?

Do you want to live a happy healthy life as you grow older (and avoid Alzheimers) ?

Contact me today to find out what you should be eating instead !

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