Use Real Food (our bodies love it).

Use Real Food (our bodies love it).

I love the Metabolic Balance® Weight Loss Program so much because it is all about using food to manipulate your hormones to achieve better health. I am not one to prescribe supplements unless it is absolutely necessary. I would much rather prescribe food that can actually have an effect on your body. The body recognises food. It is an expert at breaking down each type of food and then using the chemical components to help heal and repair the different parts of your body.

In children, food is used for growth and development and as the child becomes an adolescent, the individual parts of the food is used for different processes to enable sexual development. As the adolescent transforms into an adult, the growth rate slows and the body goes into a maintenance phase. The body can identify which part needs help and it knows how and where to deliver the exact chemical compounds necessary, via chemical and electrical signals. This is a continual process that happens automatically.

When we eat things that are trying to imitate food such as processed food, the body cannot recognise every particle as food. The most common part of your average take-a-way meal is carbohydrate, which the body does recognise, but is converted into simple sugars (glucose molecules). Some parts of a take-a-way meal are seen as toxins and must be processed by your liver. An important thing to remember is that processed food is generally devoid of nutrition due to the high heat or chemicals that the food has been exposed to.

A much better option is to source real fresh food that you know has the vitamins and minerals still intact (unprocessed). A step further would be to source organic fruit and vegetables or grow your own !!! Cooking the food yourself means you know what is in the meal. Once you go into a supermarket and purchase a “food product”, you are saying that you blindly trust this manufacturer to produce something that is nutritious. But many food manufacturers are not concerned with what happens to the vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, as they process it into something that will line their pockets with money.

I advocate that we should be getting back to making our own food. Don’t allow the advertising and colourful product packets in the supermarkets to persuade you into buying what is essentially a dead product. There are so many ads for products available today that it is becoming confusing for the average person to know what to eat. In this day and age we should be educating ourselves about what our body really needs in terms of real whole unprocessed food.

The Metabolic Balance® Weight Loss Program takes away the fear of what to eat. The foods that the Metabolic Balance® program selects for you are chosen by using your current blood test results. It uses real food. It balances your hormones. It releases the excess weight. It can also cause you to gain weight.

Your body and it’s hormones are intricately dancing to make a wonderful serenade called Life. We want the best life available to us. Find out more about the Metabolic Balance® Weight Loss Program today. Contact Susan via email (, Instagram (@thewayto_health), Facebook (see facebook @thewaytohealthau.) or phone 0419550700.

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