What does Nutrigenomics have to do with the Metabolic Balance program?

What does Nutrigenomics have to do with the Metabolic Balance program?

Hi there, I’m Susan. Nutritionist at The Way To Health.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how the chemicals in different foods affect human health, by changing the expression of our genes, but our health is also affected by each individual’s unique genome (the structure of our complete set of DNA). Your human genome is your unique set of instructions that was used to ‘build’ you and is used during the repair process as you grow, repair your body and age.

Nutritional Genomics is of particular interest to me as I am fascinated by how different foods we eat can manipulate how our body responds and how we feel. Some of the changes in our body can be attributed to the environment, influencing how our body looks; called our Phenotype or our observable characteristics.

The above explanation serves to help you understand why each person is so unique. A personal nutrition program is important to identify specific foods (chemicals and hormones) designed to change certain systems in your body to optimise your health. Nutrition scientists now know enough, through the current science of nutrition, to be able to manipulate your hormones using very specific foods that will only work on your body. Each program is designed for your body and won’t be suitable for anyone else.

I completed the training for Metabolic Balance back in 2019. Metabolic Balance is the perfect example of how specific food can change the shape and workings of our bodies. I have released over 15 kilograms during almost 5 months. It works so well, provided you stick to the guidelines and eat the recommended foods in your personal Nutrition plan, which are determined and matched to your pathology results.

You won’t change anything by doing the same things you have always done. You must be prepared to eat different foods – foods that are designed to tweak only your metabolism, to trigger the fat-loss process. You must be able to drink the required amount of water (for your body weight and height), optimise your sleep, adopt strategies to calm your adrenals, address your current health conditions and reduce the amount of exercise (especially during the first 14 days) so that your body is not having to deal with other inflammation causing processes (exercise is an inflammatory process).

I have done the program and am now in Phase 4 (maintenance) so I can tell you how easy I found it (after the first 2 weeks). The hardest part is getting through those first 2 weeks, but I will provide plenty of support through personal consultations and coaching to guide you through ! I want you to feel better, lighter and more able to do the things you would like to do, with reduced pain and symptoms. If you persevere you will be rewarded and your body will reset it’s hormones, allowing the body systems to optimise your health.

Make the commitment to improve your health today.

I am a mobile clinic, providing a fantastic convenient service, in which I drive to you and provide a minimum of 5 consultations over three months for the Metabolic Balance program. If I think you would benefit from a few more consultations to add extra support for your health journey, I will provide those at no extra cost to you.

You receive a great price if you are able to pay upfront – $1199 (until the end of December 2019)

If you need a payment plan – Initial payment $599, then 2 equal payments of $300 over 6 weeks (Please note that the required pathology is a separate upfront cost of $175).

Get in now before the price increase next year. The Metabolic Balance program that I provide will increase to $1440 early next year. I will still have a payment plan available in 2020. Please email for details.

Separate to the Metabolic Balance Program is an Initial Consultation for only $160

The Initial Consultation involves helping you identify foods in your diet, and environmental and lifestyle factors that you can change to improve your health. Book in for an Initial Consult ($160) – health check and health history assessment and receive advice that can help you identify those small changes that will set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Your health starts with YOU. Find the “Book Now” Button at the top of this page. Looking forward to working with you.

X chromosome with DNA helix isolated on white.

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